Facebook's Nixon-Goes-to-China Moment

When President Richard Nixon traveled to China, the Cold War-rapprochement became a symbol for hardliners reaching an accord. In this article for Courthouse News, I report that a Silicon Valley equivalent could occur if Facebook agrees to an invitation that the Society of Professional Journalists extended to them.

In my exclusive interview, SPJ president Lynn Walsh agrees that Facebook is a media platform and urges the company to adopt a journalistic code of ethics.

“For me, this isn’t a journalism issue,” Walsh said. “This isn’t even a media issue. To me, it’s about our country, and the future of our country.”

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's director Jillian York also explains why it's "disingenuous" for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to insist that the network isn't a media organization, and how the platform already acts like and editor -- and a censor.

Finally, Florida Gulf Coast University journalism professor Jeffrey Riley calls attention to the under-reported side of the Facebook's fake news crisis: medical misinformation. Video of our interview is below.

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