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Whether in a U.S. courtroom or a rainforest in the Amazon, Adam reports stories that make a global impact. After the FBI seized files from President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, Adam's live coverage of the subsequent court proceedings became known for its speed, depth and detail. His reporting on a New York case involving a multibillion-dollar money laundering scheme helped Turkish citizens thwart censorship by the country's largely state-controlled media. As a correspondent, he has run five miles with the chief prosecutor of Guantánamo Bay, Cuba for an interview about the military commissions of the accused 9/11 plotters; toured the oil-contaminated Amazon rainforest and Ecuadorean presidential palace seeking reactions to a decision in the longstanding Chevron litigation; spoken to residents of Havana about U.S.-Cuban relations in the wake of Donald Trump's election; interviewed multiple heads of state and uncovered several secrets related to the court-martial of WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning.

He has been interviewed extensively about his coverage on MSNBC, CTV News, NPR, Public Radio International, Radio New Zealand, a Fox News affiliate, Mother Jones, Reason and radio stations on both U.S. coasts and Canada. The Long Island Press featured him in an award-winning video feature about the Manning court-martial. His exclusives have been cited widely on news outlets ranging from the New York Times, NBC Universal, the Associated Press, Deutsche Welle, Turkish affiliates of CNN and the BBC and many other outlets.

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