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Adam Klasfeld | Broadcast

Welcome to the broadcast page for reporter Adam Klasfeld.
Note: There are separate pages for video clips and radio appearances.

Live Interview with Canada's CTV on Michael Cohen's sentencing

After President Donald Trump's personal attorney and "fixer" Michael Cohen received a three-year sentence, Canada's CTV invited me on the air for a live interview about the proceedings and their aftermath.

In this segment, I describe the scene inside the courtroom, the weight of the Cohen's prison term, the impact of his cooperation, and what it could mean for Trump in the ongoing probe on hush-money payments to two women and  Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election.

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WNYC's "Trump, Inc." - Interview about Rudy Giuliani

The hosts of "Trump, Inc.," the popular podcast by National Public Radio's New York affiliate WNYC, invited me onto their show for an episode related to former Mayor Rudy Giuliani's international business entanglements. In this clip, I discuss my coverage of Giuliani's curious role as an attorney gold trader Reza Zarrab, the mastermind of the biggest money-laundering scheme to Iran in U.S. history. While serving as Zarrab's attorney, Giuliani attempted to broker a prisoner swap between the Trump and Erdogan administrations to kill the case. You can access the episode in full by clicking here.

Listen to the portion of the episode with my interview by clicking on play button below:

Rudy Inc. - Interview with Adam Klasfeld for WNYC's podcast "Trump, Inc."
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